Day 1,678 – Thankful for Two Outdoor Moments of Peace

Dreams can be a truly amazing thing, can’t they? When they are focused on something we enjoy they are a beautiful window into great memories and wonderful imaginations. Last night I had a dream that was amongst the best in a very long time. It was perfectly clear, wildly lucid, and touched me in a profound way. At one point I remember thinking in my dream that I “knew I was dreaming” but I really didn’t care. I stuffed that thought aside and enjoyed the ride. I awoke smiling and with a heart full of love.

What was the dream? I was out in the woods with Dad. The two of us were hunting, talking, and enjoying time in the outdoors. It has been many years since the last time that happened and this dream reminded me of how grateful I am for those memories.

This afternoon my family and I headed out to the trails with our weighted down packs on our shoulders. We spent much of the afternoon hiking and enjoying the outdoors. Walking in the woods, talking, and enjoying the combination of physical activity, the outdoors, and time together.

Two wonderful moments outdoors with family. One real, one remembered. Both filled my heart with happiness and my soul with peace.


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