Day 1,681 – Thankful for Contact Lenses

In one of my not so finer moments I had a flicker of a thought cross my mind on Sunday night. “I have more contact lenses for next week, right?” I shrugged and was pretty sure I must have an extra box. Out came my contacts and into the garbage they went. Why not throw them away when I’m pretty sure I’ve got more ready for the next day.

Imagine my horror when my search on Monday morning proved fruitless. Oh no, I’ll have to wear glasses! For sure, many people wear glasses and I think they look great on them. For me it is the same reason I don’t like wearing pants – I like the feeling of being unencumbered (and yes, I wear shorts when I am not wearing pants). Glasses on my face feel uncomfortable, especially when I’m exercising. Contacts feel so much more liberating to me.

Thanks to modern technology (an online eye exam at 6:30am on Monday morning from my home) and insanely quick shipping I was able to put contacts in within a day and a half of realizing I was out. Becky chuckled as I put them in right away when I knew I’d take them out within a few hours. I agreed it sounded silly, but it felt great getting them back in.

I was just joking with a friend a little while back that if there was a zombie apocalypse I’d be running to the pharmacy to stock up. Medicine and medications? Nope. Contact solution. The last thing I’d want would be to get killed by a zombie because my glasses fogged up 😉

Today was another reminder of how easy it is to be grateful for something after you lose it for a while. I’m grateful for my contact lenses mores today than I have been in a long time.


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