Day 1,682 – Thankful for Workshop Time with My Boys, Re-Living Memories, and Apologizing to Dad

This evening the boys and I were on a mission. We’ve got a project we’re working on so after supper we headed up to the workshop. During a team meeting today someone asked what our favorite activities were. Travel with the family was right up on the top of the list, but spending time in the workshop with the boys was right near the top of the list too. Any time spent up there with them is time well spent.

While we were up there I kept remembering times when we’d been working on other projects. We’ve done a lot up there together and once the sawdust is flying I can’t help but smile at the memories of past times shared up there. The time with them also reminds me of so many times when I would help Dad on different projects – as a kid and as an adult. So many awesome memories of time spent with him while creating. Time with the boys reminds me of time with Dad while making me hope the boys enjoy and appreciate our time together so they can have the same incredible duplicity of time like I have been blessed to have.

One of the things I did more than once tonight was apologize to Dad. I know he’s not there with me physically, but I know he can still hear me. Why was I apologizing to Dad tonight? There were farts from both boys that stunk up the workshop. There were times when simple math and measuring escaped their crazily intelligent brains. There was an instance of a tape measure being lost and declared un-findable… though it was within a foot and a half of the person the entire time. The use of a drill was a struggle at times. All in all, there were so many moments in which the boys did things I remember doing to Dad back in the day. “Just you wait Mikey…” How many times I heard that one! When I caught the boys doing what I’d done all I could do was look to the sky and apologize to Dad. Only now in this dark hour do I see the folly of my ways as a kid 😉


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