Day 972 – Thankful for an Impromptu Nerf Battle and a Very Useful Concept

A little while ago I sat down to start writing my blog when I heard the boys holler for me to join them in the basement.  I wasn’t sure what they had in mind, but Becky’s mom-senses were tingling and she warned me that they might be setting up a Nerf gun ambush.  As is typically the case, she was 100% right.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs there was a line of automatic fire of approximately a dozen Nerf darts flying right past my face.  Within a second there was loud giggling, the sound of a clip being changed quickly, and another barrage of darts flew right at me.  What I wasn’t quite ready for was the approximately 12 pre-loaded clips of 10-12 rubber tipped bullets they had ready for me.  While I can’t get into the full details let’s just say there was an epic, albeit short lived, Nerf gun battle that rocked our house.  By the time the dust settled there was a pile of Nerf bullets, remnants of quickly assembled weapons including brooms and dustpans, and a whole lot of laughter.  Nothing quite like an impromptu Nerf battle to keep us enjoying time together!

What I had initially started to blog about was a concept that Becky’s PhD advisor, Martin, shared over dinner this evening.  In talking about work, people, and communication styles he mentioned the Disney process of going from concept to reality.  It was pretty wild, as he shared the process I was able to quickly recollect several specific moments and projects that either failed or worked in accordance with that model.  The more Martin shared about the process the more the gears in my brain got turning about how to use this mindset in the work environment.  After dinner I pulled up an article about this process and was amazed at it’s simplicity and possibilities.  If you’d like the short version of what Martin shared this website covers it in about a 3-4 page document:  Ever since dinner my mind has been racing on this strategy in how to use and share it with my teams.  How awesome to have dinner conversation that has the ability to have such a positive impact on several aspects of life!  



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