It was nine years ago today when Becky and I made the decision to buy a boat, a very well used pontoon.  While we weren’t sure if we should spend that much money on something for fun like that we kept going back to how it was something that we’d both always wanted so we saved up and pulled the trigger.

Over the past nine years we’ve made so many wonderful memories on it, I can’t imagine our life without it.  In springtime we’re excited to get it out of storage and onto the water.  During the summer we’re regularly looking for windows of time to take it out.  In the late fall we are always a little sad about having to put it away but are also thankful for all of the fun we had with it.

Back in the the day we bought it we felt like we were splurging on ourselves.  Today I look back at what an incredibly rewarding investment it has become.  The amount of family time and memories it has helped to make are absolutely priceless!


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