Day 971 – Thankful for All the Brewers Games My Aunts and Uncles Took Me To

Every summer Nick and I would spend a couple of weeks in the Milwaukee area with family. One week was with my mom’s side of our family and the other was with aunts and uncles from Dad’s side. This was always one of the highlights of our summer (& as an adult I now realize it was probably the same for my parents!). During those two weeks we would usually see an average of two Brewers games with various aunts and uncles.

It’s funny, but even 30+ years later I still remember thinking Uncle Frank personally knew Ben Oglivie by the way he hollered to him while asking for a ball for Nick and I. I remember being shocked to be able to go out on the field to have my picture taken with real life Brewers like BJ Surhoff and Billy Spires at a game with Aunt Nadia and Uncle Mike. And how could Nick and I ever forget the late night rain delayed game with Uncle Buster and Uncle Kevin??? Amongst all of those I also have so many wonderful memories of games with so many other sets of aunts and uncles as well. Each of those memories put a smile of my face when I think of them.

I am so thankful for all those memories and moments that were created by our relatives at the games. It’s kind of funny when I look back at those games… I can’t remember if the. Resets ever won or lost, but I can still remember things like the smile on Uncle Kevin’s face when he told me I should eat the jalapeños on my nachos so I would grow hair on my chest! Thank you to all of my aunts and uncles who ever took me to a game, I appreciate all the memories you created and the time you spent with me.


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