This morning was the perfect opportunity to take our pontoon trailer back to Brownsville to put it back into storage.  Seeing as Gavin was already up and at ’em I asked if he’d like to join me on the ride.  He grabbed a book and saddled up with me as we headed out.

Just before we got to Al’s Storage Gavin asked if I would play “Hung My Head” by Johnny Cash. Thankfully I had it downloaded already so we decided to fire it up as we left Brownsville.

We also decided to take the scenic route home, a beautiful drive through, over, and down the coulees into Hokah. Along the way we even hit a couple of dead ends to enjoy the view.


I am so thankful for the time Gavin and I had chilling today. The combo of Cash, the coulees, and time with my buddy was a perfect start to the day.


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