Day 969 – Thankful for Early Morning Yoga, an Awesome Week with My Teams, and Friday Night Grocery Shopping

LOL – how’s that for a jumble this evening?  To be honest I kept going back and forth on shortening it down a bit, but who am I kidding?  There are just some days that require several different topics to accurately capture the day.  Today is one of them.

Yoga early in the morning takes a little while to feel right, but after I get loosened up and focused in the first fifteen minutes I can totally get into the yoga goodness.  Starting off the morning with that sense of calm and a great workout is magic.  Throw in a cup of coffee and I felt like a million bucks before I even got to work.

After getting to work my day kept getting better and better.  Over the past week all of my teams have really stepped it up.  They’ve done an incredible job of living our values while busting their butts to help many people find new work.  Taking a moment to pause and reflect on all that they’ve done over the past week has left me filled with joy, pride, and excitement.  They’re making great things happen and I can’t wait to get back to work with them all next week!

With the plans we have for the weekend Becky and I opted to head out to the grocery store tonight instead of later in the weekend.  It brought back memories to when the boys were much younger and Becky and I would have our “date nights” that consisted of taking the boys to Festival Foods, dropping them off in the in-store daycare, and enjoying 45 minutes of quiet while shopping.  It was one of the only short periods of time in the week when we knew we’d have some time to the two of us.  Fast forward to today and we re-lived those memories by leaving the boys at home while we shopped together.  I know it sounds crazy, but I really enjoyed shopping with Becky tonight!

Time to chill on the couch and wrap up the night relaxing with the family!



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