Day 968 – Thankful for a Couple of Lasts Which Will Lead to a Couple of Firsts

Just a couple of nights ago my brother and I were talking about my niece playing her last home soccer game while she’s in high school.  It threw us both for a loop thinking that she’s about to graduate.  Nothing like a big change to help us see the movement of time from one stage of life to the next.


Tonight we had a couple of lasts, but the fun part is in remembering that they are both leading to a couple of firsts as well.  Dominic had his last middle school sporting event (and did very well, breaking his season long goal of a sub 6:00 mile).  Gavin had his last band concert of elementary school.  They are both in their last couple of weeks of middle and elementary school.

It’s one of those “holy crap, where did the time go” moments for Becky and I as we see just quickly the past few years have flown by.  Just as we pause and think about how much they’ve both grown we are quick to look forward to the next new beginnings for both of them this next school year.  It’s wild to think that next year we won’t have an elementary school student, but we will have a high schooler…  Crazy!

Today I’m thankful for these couple of “lasts” that helped me release just how fast life flies by and I’m just as thankful for the future “firsts” that will begin soon.  All that said, it felt incredible to just get lost in the present and enjoy time with them both today.


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