Day 967 – Thankful for Bonding and Learning Time with Mentors, Helpful Coaching, and the Goberville Goodie Bag

It’s been a pretty wild 36 hours for me with a ton of learning and thought time.  Normally this is about the time when I’d say my brain was full, but all of it was too good I’ve been lost in my thoughts in a very positive way!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to bond with and learn from some of my Express mentors.  Not only did we talk business, share ideas from past experiences, and help set future paths but we spent time just being with each other and bonding.  Time away from the office is tough to pull off, but well worth it.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to spend time with all of them and my peers.

Today in our Menomonie office we were joined by our Regional Developer, Joy Goberville.  I’d invited her up to our office to spend some time helping me out with some coaching and she was happy to help out.

As per usual she can in and gave me what I lovingly call the “Goberville Goodie Bag.”  Every time she comes to visit she brings a bag of yummy snack age and health stuff to brighten our smiles.  Her presence alone is all I’m looking for, but her thoughtful treats are certainly appreciated also!


The purpose of her visit today was to help “coach the coach” as I wanted her feedback on what I could be doing better as a leader for my teams.  She sat with me all day long as we had our 1 on 1 coaching sessions and team meetings and spent time downloading with me afterwards.  Her advice was spot on, honest, and simple to apply.  By the end of the day I was already feeling like there were a handful of things I had already started to implement to help my teams.  I am so thankful for that coaching in the moment, it has already made a difference!

Thank you to everyone who helped to coach and mentor me over the past couple of days, I appreciate your help greatly!!!


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