Day 816 – Thankful for a Chillaxin’ Family Christmas

Today has been exactly the chill family Christmas I was hoping for and always look forward to. We’re all up at Mom’s and I’m enjoying every moment of it.

After hanging out last night we slept in this morning and it felt great to not be in any rush. Once I was up Becky and I headed out to take Ruger for a nice long walk. We enjoyed the fresh air and movement which was exactly what the doctor ordered after all the eating last night! There wasn’t an agenda so we kind of wandered and went even further than we were planning.

We then hung out and just did a lot of chillin’ until lunch. Lots of talking, planning our summer trip together, and working the different building kits the boys received as gifts. There may have been a little eating mixed in too!

Then it was time for lunch… mmm… lasagna!!!

Once the dishes were done we went right back to chillin’. More shooting the bull and relaxation time. Throw in a couple of games for good measure and it was exactly the peaceful Ive been hoping for.

As a big family we played the dice game, our annual fun event in which Mom picks up a bunch of cool stuff, wraps it up, and we play games to see who gets what. Every year we have so much fun with it!

Supper will be ready soon and then we’re sure to fire up some more games and relaxation. I could definitely get used to this pace!

Throughout the day we’ve had a wonderful mix of time a a big family, time in smaller groups, and even some time alone. There’s been zero agenda or stress and it’s perfect.

Total chillaxin’ all day long with some of my favorite people in the world… How could I ask for anything more on Christmas? (Although I jut realized I’be been chillaxin’ a little too much and I don’t have a group picture of us so I’ll go with a Christmas Gavin instead).


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