Day 817 – Thankful for Fun Childhood Memories

Last night while celebrating Christmas we reminded each other of the story of Nick’s remote controlled truck. We had our giant VHS camcorder set up on a tripod near the stairs to record the opening of our presents just like we did every year. Nick’s big present that year was a remote controlled truck that he really wanted. After unwrapping it he turned it on, grabbed the remote and hit the gas. It rocketed forward at an amazingly quick pace… and shot straight past the camcorder and straight down the stairs. The silence of our shock was broken only by the sounds of plastic crunching on each stair and then onto the concrete. The film caught our expressions and they were priceless!!! Just like normal, we all laughed and enjoyed re-living that magical moment.

Throughout the past 24 hours or so there have been many fun childhood memories that have come back to me. Between Christmas with my family and then driving back through Ladysmith on our way to the Thums’ there’ve been many moments that have come back to mind and brought smiles.

As we passed by the Ladysmith High School I was reminded of so many wrestling matches. I still shiver with disgust when I drive by that school 😉

While going for one of our walks yesterday with Nick we had flashbacks to when the to of us used to fight like Dominic and Gavin were.

Eating spritz cookies always reminds me to seeing just how many of those wonderful cookies I could eat as a kid before my parents would cut me off. I always remember making them with my mom and eating some of the dough and I remember how much my dad loved them.

Opening presents with the family reminded me of all the times we did that as a family. We’d usually huddle around the tree after church on Christmas Eve and open a seemingly endless pile of gifts… after taking a family picture like the one below. Gotta love those silk shirts!!!

So many times I’ve stopped and smiled as a memory has dusted off the cobwebs and reappeared in my brain. One other thought has passed through almost immediately after each of those memories… Which memories are the boys making today that they’ll remember forever? Hanging out with their cousins? Joking around with grandparents and aunts and uncles? Staying up late playing games? Just a hunch, but I’m guessing they’ll remember their trip to Hawaii on Christmas Day. Regardless, it brings me great joy knowing that they’ll also have wonderful childhood memories to look back on once they’re old like me!


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