Day 818 – Thankful for Spending Time with My Father In Law

I’ve mentioned it before, but just to re-state it, I won the “In Law Lottery.” While I hear some interesting stories from others about how difficult things can be with their in laws I just can’t relate. They’re great people with huge hearts. Over the past 24 hours I’ve had the opportunity to spend a good chunk of time with my father in law.

Last night we played cards with Dominic and Nathan (my nephew) while everyone else went to the movies. It was so much fun that I’m sure we’ll all remember it for quite some time!

Today everyone went outside to ride sleds behind four wheelers in the fields. As we were wrapping up the first session of sledding (the boys are back outside already as I type this) I took a few minutes to lay flat on my back on a sled in the field. It felt great to enjoy the fresh air and time outside. Out of nowhere Ken pounced on me and squished me! It was hysterical!

While everyone else was either in the house or wrapping up their rides Ken and I decided to take a walk in the woods on a trail he has behind the house. We walked and shot the bull as he pointed out various animal tracks. He shared a couple of hunting stories and talked about how he would be working on the next trails. We took our time and enjoyed the quiet and some time together, exactly what the doctor ordered during a busy holiday season.

Spending time with him in the woods reminded me so much of the times I had done the same thing with my dad so many times in the past. Dad and I would often wander through the woods to cut brush, boughs, and to find places to hunt and trap. He would share stories of hunting as a kid and the things he and his friends used to do in the woods. He’d share his knowledge of wildlife and wilderness survival skills. We’d spend time talking and other time in quiet. As I look back those were amongst my favorite times in the world with him.

The time with Ken has been an awesome Christmas present. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the time with him and am so thankful for the opportunity to create some excellent memories together. It’s also been great to bring back so many wonderful memories of times with my dad. While I can’t spend time with Dad this Christmas the time with Ken has helped to fill that space and has left my heart filled with joy.


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