Day 815 – Thankful for Morning Pump Up Music and Working in Produce and Lumberyards

With a busy day planned and a lot to accomplish before heading out I knew the right choice in music on my drive in would make all the difference. After a quick scan I found exactly what I needed… The Offspring. While Dexter and the boys sang and shredded I exercised my vocal chords while playing a little air drum on the steering wheel.

That whole drive I was smiling away thinking back to a flood of memories. Ever since high school The Offspring have made regular visits on my CD player, Mini Disc player, MP3 player, and iPhone. Their tunes have been in my ears while running, wrestling, traveling, and driving.

What really had me stoked this morning we’re the memories of jamming out to their album Smash while cleaning the produce cooler at the IGA with my buddy Garwood in high school. We’d go in once the store closed, fire up the music as loud as my little boom box would go, and clean away all the stuff that lives under the greens rack. We’d joke around, shoot the bull, and actually have a great time while getting paid to hang out. It was awesome!

Listening to them today also reminded me of working at the lumberyard the first two summers of college. I’d fire them up in the truck whenever I have the opportunity to go out on a delivery. Working there with the guys was one of the most entertaining work experiences I’ve ever had. They took great care of me and told me so many stories that still make me chuckle just like when I first heard them.

Funny how all it takes is a little of the right music to bring back some great memories. Throughout the morning I had little memories of those experiences pop into my head and brought a smile to my face.


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