Day 814 – Thankful for My Laptop Login Screen

How’s that for a crazy title?  Today while in Menomonie I went to open up my laptop to pull up some info and the picture below popped up as the computer started the login sequence:


It looked so awesome that I had to pause and take a look at where it was from and mentally add it to my dream list.  The funny thing is that this is becoming a regular occurrence.  The picture changes every day or two and it’s become a lot of fun seeing what pops up next!

Over the past couple of weeks the following all caught my attention:



And this one from Iceland really caught my eye!

IMG_8131.jpgIt’s funny, but Microsoft has found a great way of making something ordinary and routine the stuff of dream creation.  Each time I login in I’m anxious to see if it is something new and if it’s a place I’d like to add to my dream list.  How awesome to sprinkle in  little dream fuel several times a day?


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