Day 813 – Thankful for Digit Destruction Day

Yup, you read that one correctly. Gavin named today Digit Destruction Day for a reason. Oddly enough I’m actually thankful for it!

Part of the reason for hiring a contractor for the basement is that I’m still working on my workshop in the garage. We’re down to painting and then a little trim work and it’s done. I had a strong sensation of needing to complete something so I headed out to paint after dinner.

Shortly after starting Gavin burst into the workshop just like the red headed fireball he is and… OWW!!! He ran right into the stool that was holding everything I was using which rammed right into one of my toes with a crack. After second I could see the look of regret and sadness in his eyes so I let him know I wasn’t mad, I’d be okay, I’d just like to have him be more aware of his surroundings next time.

As I was painting I was also listening to the loud banging of Gavin hammering some boards together as he made a creation. Suddenly the pounding stopped and I saw him dancing out of the corner of my eye. It only took a second and a half to realize that he was doing the thumb bash dance. He’d missed on a hammer swing and got himself. He took a deep breath, talked himself into feeling like it didn’t hurt too bad, and got back at the project within a minute.

After a while he asked me, “Dad, what’s the word for fingers and toes?” “Digits?” His response was “yeah, that’s the word. This isn’t a good day for our digits is it? It’s definitely Digit Destruction Day today.”

We joked around about it the rest of the time we worked together and he even named his project the “Digit Destroyer.”

So why am I thankful for Digit Destruction Day? He saw me not lose my mind when he smashed my toe. We were both able to laugh off the pain from the accidents we both had. Most importantly, Gavin and I had fun working together in the workshop. I’m always thankful for workshop time with my boys… even if we’re destroying our digits!


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