Day 812 – Thankful for Hiring a Contractor (Part 2)

I’m still not sure how my parents did it… working full time, being very involved in our lives, and building a house all at the same time. That’s absolutely ridonkulous!

Today I’m thankful for taking the easy way 😉. In order to finish up the basement and turn it into a lair for our stinky boys we opted for hiring a contractor instead of doing it ourselves. With as busy as life has been for us recently there’s pretty much no way we would have finished the basement before 2025.

Instead we’ve come home to happy surprises! New flooring one day, trim another, another day a bookshelf and finally a cabinet. Just like magic!

Sure, I could’ve done it myself, but it sure feels good to have it done before the boys move out of the house! 😂


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