Day 337 – Thankful for the Right Music at the Right Time – The Strumbellas

Ever have one of those days when things aren’t quite on track the way that you’d like them to be.  Maybe things are just off a little and not lining up right.  It’s close, but it’s just off…  Know what I mean?  As I was heading home from work today I had that same feeling.  I leaned on an old friend to help me feel on track…  the car radio.

The music of choice today hit the nail on the head and got me going again.  The build up of the music, the infectious beat, and awesome lyrics helped me smile and feel right again.  It was an example of the right music at the right time, and I am very thankful for it.

The Strumbellas were the band today, and I was jamming out to their album Hope.  In particular the songs that just hit it right were Spirits and Wars.  Crazy names, but just what I needed.

As Spirits hits its stride I was jamming out in a full on car concert of one…

And I don’t want a never ending life
I just want to be alive while I’m here
And I don’t want to see another night
Lost inside a lonely life while I’m here

When the singing on the song Wars started I couldn’t help but sing along…

I climbed a mountain and never came back
I will not quit, and I always fight back
And from this moment, for all my life
What could I say
I was born to be this way
And what could I say
Just living for today


There’s something that just seems so right when I listen to the right music at the right time.  I sing, I smile, and I live.  There’s a bond between the song and I, that feeling that there’s someone else out there who gets me right at that moment.  Whether the lyrics, the music, or the memories that it brings up I’m immediately feeling connected…  and everything else seems to work itself out.

Thank you to The Strumbellas for hitting the nail on the head today, you provided the right music at the right time, and it is greatly appreciated!!!



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