In wrapping up birthday week(ish) it’s only fitting to be thankful for something related to Becky.  As she jokingly put it earlier this morning, I should be thankful for her every day!  It’s totally true and I am.  The boys even added to the fun today.  At various times they reminded us of how they wouldn’t exist if Becky didn’t have a birthday, and that I wouldn’t be with someone nearly as awesome if Becky didn’t have a birthday.  Later I made a joke about tall people being genetically superior.  Gavin looked confused and said, “but Mom is greater than you are and you’re taller.”  Thanks Bud, love you too!  But I digress…  Yes, I am thankful for Becky every day, but today on her birthday I wanted to focus on two things I am especially thankful for today…  her passions for both travel and nature.


Holding true to a family tradition we went for a hike today for her birthday.  While driving we put together the skeleton of our upcoming trip to New Zealand with the boys in November.  She was getting so pumped up as we figured out what we could realistically see on this trip while starting a list of things to see the next time we go.  The smile on her face was huge and she was totally locked into the task of picking out what we each would probably enjoy most.  Between volcanoes, hikes, geysers, Hobbiton, tide pools, and so many other things she was absolutely beaming.  It was awesome.  Traveling and exploring the world are hugely important to me, I’m thankful to be with someone who’s passion for travel eclipses mine!


The other part of Becky I’m especially thankful for passion for nature.  If it were possible I’m pretty sure she’d be happy spending the rest of her days on a trail or in the ocean exploring all that Mother Nature has to offer.  Her love of nature is so contagious for all around her.  If you’ve been in the wild with her you’ll know what I’m talking about – she can get you pumped and excited about bugs, plants, rocks, animals and everything along those lines.  The unbridled joy that shines from her as she soaks in the natural world is one of the things I love the most about her.  When I’m in that moment with Becky the joy in her has me looking at the world like a little kid, totally full of wonder, wanting to learn more and to experience more.  It’s a pretty awesome experience…  and I am so thankful to be able to do it with her often.


Of course there are so many reasons that I am thankful for Becky, but those two passions of her’s really stuck out for me today.  My life is so much brighter for having the opportunity to travel and experience nature with her often, I am so grateful that she is in my life.


Thanks for all of the many ways you bring awesomeness into my life Babe, you’re the best!  Love you tons!  Happy birthday!!!




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