Day 339 – Thankful for Paying It Forward


My aunts and uncles have been working on getting headstones for Dad and Aunt Nadia to put near Grandma, Grandpa, and their other family.  Nick and I were happy to pitch in to help out and help make this happen.  Imagine my surprise this morning when I read the following text from my Aunt Renee:

Will wonders never cease?
We went to Stoney Pub for supper tonight and Dave Heindl came in.  We had a
side conversation as I had a question for him.  Dave said he received a call
early today from someone who is to remain anonymous saying there is a check
in the mail for two headstones and to contact myself/Donna to place the
order for names/dates!
Thus, there is no cost to you.  Please remember this person in your prayers
and pay forward something to someone who you could help make their day.

How awesome is that???  I’m incredibly grateful for the generous gift that someone gave our family, they’re greatly appreciated!  That said, as opposed to being thankful for just that one person, let me broaden this out a bit.  The way they made this gift is also so fitting as this was one of Dad’s favorite ways to give to others – anonymously.

When you hear about something like that how can we all not be watching for ways to make someone else’s day?  Seriously, is there anything quite as inspiring as a gift being made out of the blue, seemingly without a reason, and without someone to credit for it?  There’s a magic to that helps bring us all together and inspires us to be better people.  Moments like this are when many people touched by the gift actively seek out ways to do the same for others, to help each other, to help strangers, to live better.

When someone does something like this there are so many people who are touched by it and look for ways to make a similar gift to others.  Then each of those people impact other people and it continues.  Think about it, if one person’s actions cause ten people to do something for others, and each of those people give there’s a cascading effect and now one person’s gift has had a positive impact on at least 100 people in no time.  Given a couple of more rounds of giving and thousands upon thousands of people are all touched by one person’s generosity.  How awesome is that?

At the end of the day, that’s what I am really the most thankful for today.  While I’m incredibly grateful for Anonymous’ generosity, I’m also thankful that one person’s very generous action has hopefully started an avalanche of positive experiences with my Dad’s memory at its heart.  Thinking that even though he’s gone he’s still making the world a better place fills my heart with pride and happiness.



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