Day 984 – Thankful for Hitting the Pause Button On “Real Life” for a Date Night Including The Strumbellas Concert

Real life is pretty cool and while I enjoy it thoroughly there are times when it is nice to hit the Pause button and walk away from reality for a little while. Last night Becky and I did just that.

Over the past couple of months we’ve both been very focused on what we’ve needed to be focused on, Becky on her PhD work and me on my offices, while also striving to be as present as possible in the lives of our boys. Last night we shut down all other facets of life and focused specifically on each other.

We took a nice couple hour drive up to Minneapolis which was kind of a nice “life filter” and gave us a chance to wrap up the last of those work related thoughts. Once we got to our hotel we were officially in full on chill mode and had a great time. Over a couple of delicious pizzas we talked about future vacation plans, past vacations, hanging out with friends, and so no on… pretty much nothing #adulting related.


Then came the highlight of the date night agenda… The Strumbellas concert at the Fine Line Music Cafe. Holy crap was it awesome!!! We realized that this was stage first true concert we’d been to in a very long time. My mind was totally blown from the entire experience. To do justice to it I’ll take the concert in two parts, “The Show,” and “The Sheriff.”

The show itself was AWESOME!!! I’ve been head over heels for The Strumbellas since the first time I heard their song “Spirits.” They are such a beautifully chill and upbeat band and have so many songs that you just can’t help but move to when you listen. The lyrics are mind-blowingly real and hit home for me. In case you’ve missed it I’ve blogged about their music on days 337, 388, 475, & 913. Listening to their albums on a regular rotation has been very enjoyable, but to hear them in person? Wow!

During the entire show I was 100% present in the moment. I was soaking up every second of the show, the sound, the lights, the energy, the crowd, everything. It felt incredible to totally lose my sense of self as I sang and moved along with the music without any care, stress, or worry in the world. To be completely lost in the moment and the music filled my heart with such joy, and to be there enjoying it with Becky made it all the better! Incredible!

So that’s the part about the show itself. The part about the song The Sheriff was the epitome of surreal for me and blew my mind.

One of my favorite songs is “The Sheriff.” It’s fast paced, has some sweet lyrics, and just seemed like an awesome song to play live at a concert. Being the type of person I am I started my own Twitter campaign to request the song be played. To be clear, the campaign never grew beyond a party of one 😉. Every day for almost a week I tweeted a reason why I thought the song would be a great one to play. The first day I got a couple of likes but then there were crickets the rest of the days. Thinking nothing of it I hoped they’d at least gotten a smile out of it. My hope was that they’d play the song. Deep down I thought about what a thrill it would be if they played it and said that it was because someone requested it. Holy crap did I underestimate what would actually happen!

About midway through the show there was a brief pause in the concert and the keyboard player, Dave, spoke up. “Isn’t this the city that someone has been tweeting us about playing a certain song?” The crowd went pretty silent and I couldn’t help but holler “Yes!!!” Next thing I knew he and the rest of band were talking about me tweeting them about playing the song and he totally called me out on it (and explained that they were going to play it anyways)! It was awesome!!!! They fired up the song and I was singing along the entire time.

During the part of the song when the rest of the band sings “I’m not the sheriff, I’m not the sheriff” the lead singer pointed the mic at me and encouraged me to sing louder – it was WILD!!!

Afterwards the joking around continued and Dave asked, “was it everything you’d hoped it would be?”  Without a thought I screamed as loudly as I could, “that was AWESOME!!!” Becky and I have been joking around about it ever since.

After the show we walked back to our hotel and talked the entire way back.  We slept in as late as we wanted this morning (7:15) and then cleaned up and hit the road.  The ride back was more of the awesome date time we’d enjoyed the night before, just relaxing, talking, and singing along to The Strumbellas on the way home.  Even the drive itself was so chill, stopping for breakfast, grabbing, coffee, and in no rush whatsoever.

As we pulled up to the house we hit the Play button and jumped right back into adulting…  but in a very relaxed and laid back way like we can do after pausing to take a deep breath.

I’m so thankful for an incredible date night with Becky, for the concert, and for just pushing the Pause button on reality so Becky and I could just be us.  It was everything I could’ve hoped for.


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