Day 983 – Thankful for Gifts that Keep On Giving, The Book of Joy from My Friend Kelsey

Isn’t it funny how one gift can turn into so many more an how one simple gesture can leave quite an impact over and over again?

After a conversation we had about losing my dad Kelsey (& Adam) brought up this wonderful book.  Within a very short period of time they picked up a copy of it for me as a gift.  And the rest is history, or, maybe more correctly, the rest is the present…


Earlier this morning I caught myself sharing the title of this book with a dear friend.  Right after doing so I realized it’s been a few months since I’ve read it so I quickly re-downloaded it onto my phone and started listening to it again on my drive home.  A smile spread across my face as I both shared the title and started listening to it again.

A few days ago my blog post was focused on one of the lessons I’ve learned from reading it.  Throughout many of my blogs you can probably sense a little bit of it permeating my writing.  On a daily basis there are often a couple fo times in which a line, a story, a lesson, or a thought from this book come to mind.  Sometimes that thought makes me smile as I change my behavior in the right way.  Sometimes it’s after I’ve made a mistake I consider how I might change in the future.  Regardless of why I’m just amazed at how often my brain goes back to it.

Kelsey, holy crap dude!!!  This book has been a gift that has continued to give many times over.  Thank you so much!!!


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