Day 982 – Thankful for the Storytelling of Neil Gaiman

Work has involved some extra drive time recently.  Thanks to my account I’m able to stay caught up on the new books I’d like to read.  Most often I’m listening to something to help me out at work, something to help me grow, or something that’s just really interesting.  Over the past two days I’ve fired up Good Omens by Neil Gaiman.

Neil Gaiman

I initially got hooked on his Sandman comic book series and then my friend James got me hooked on American Gods.  Without thinking too deeply about it I’m pretty sure I’ve read that one at least half a dozen times without even coming close to exaggerating.  Good Omens is such a fun read as well, I can’t help but get quickly drawn into the story and the characters.

What really has me thinking (and thankful) tonight is his ability to tell a story.  When I break it apart there are a few little tricks he seems to use to pull us in using just enough detail while still leaving just enough to our imagination.  It’s been a fun thought experiment thinking about how I could use that storytelling skill set in productive ways at work and at home.


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