Day 336 – Thankful for People Who Inspire Me – Cheryl Moreno

This morning I had that moment in which I paused and considered going back to sleep instead of running.  I was tired and the sound of a four mile run just didn’t sound too good.  Then I thought of my friend Cheryl Moreno and my run seemed pretty easy.


At 2am tomorrow morning Cheryl is waking up to hike the Grand Canyon from rim to rim.  20+ miles of hiking with some pretty crazy elevation changes.  That is a pretty crazy hike!  And if you think that’s crazy, you should see some of the training plans she’s had to take on to get to this point!


Aside from being a huge hiking fan Cheryl is the heart of the Express Leadership Academy, a training program she helped imagine and build to help the most successful Express franchisees become even better.  Her trainings are always top notch, and she doesn’t shy from pushing us out of our comfort zones.  She’s the tough instructor that gives us the hard truth when we need it and the supportive coach that we need at other times.  The way she can bounce back and forth is impressive.  My experiences with Cheryl in Leadership Academy have had a tremendous impact on much of the successes my teams are seeing.

One of the things I appreciate most about Cheryl was the way she helped me understand Situation Leadership (SLII), an incredible concept designed to help us get and give the coaching, support, and direction needed as we take on new tasks.  Many years afterwards I still remember how she helped me truly get this concept, one that has helped me get through some of my toughest challenges.  From running a marathon the first time to driving on the wrong side of the road in Australia to helping be a better coach for my teams, her training has stuck with me for the long haul.

All that said, you know what about Cheryl really inspires me the most?  Her passion and grit.  She dreams big, busts her butt to make it a reality, and is smiling the whole way through.  She can accomplish anything.  When I see her dream something up I smile knowing that it will happen.  The things I’ve seen her take on are huge and she has to put in tons of hard work to get them accomplished, and she has the grit to do that.  Throughout the struggles, work, and set backs she smiles, stays positive, and keeps on going.

Cheryl, thank you for being an inspiration to me and many others.  Your grit and passion are truly amazing and motivate many.  Kick some butt, take some names, conquer the Canyon, and dream up the next big dream!


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