Day 239 – Thankful for the Right Song at the Right Time… I Am the Highway

Today I’m thankful for the right song at the right time.  It was an earworm that burrowed deep tonight and I listened to it several times on my drive tonight for several different reasons.


It was one of those perfectly timed moments when I needed the right tune to be in the right mindset, to match a mindset, to help change a mindset.

You can catch a live version of it here:

RIP Chris Cornell…  You’ll be missed and remembered by many, especially when they hear this song.  Thank you for giving me the right song at the right time tonight.



Day 238 – Thankful for Another Successful Kid’s Cup

Another successful Kid’s Cup is in the books!  Over $75,000 was raised for the Mayo Clinic Children’s Center and Olmsted Medical Center in Rochester – How awesome is that?  The weather was perfect, my teammates were great, and our golf game was…  well…  let’s just say that the sign below is sideways on purpose to match the way our golf game went! 😉


This year’s event really touched my heart at a different level than in past years.  As in past years we had a couple of families who’ve received care from the clinics share their story of how their lives have been impacted by the funds raised by Kid’s Cup.  This year we had an 8 year old boy undergoing treatment for bone cancer (his 13th chemotherapy is tomorrow) share some jokes and a hidden talent while his mom shared all the things that have helped the entire family through this challenge.  Another child’s mom shared how they were able to help him treat his hearing issues by week 2 of his life and how much his self esteem has benefited from the early care he received.  In both cases my eyes welled up as I listened.

While both of those stirred my emotions, what really hit home for me this year was a conversation I had recently with a little buddy of mine.  He and I run into each other every once in a while and when we do we have a blast!  He’s always full of energy, always smiling and giggling, he’s always happy – how can you not love being with someone like that?  We chase each other around, threaten to throw each other in the garbage can, and tease each other in fun ways like pretending to eat each other’s snacks.  When we hang out I smile and am able to be a big kid and I’m thankful for that.

Crazy thing is that he has a serious health issue that I never would have ever guessed until his dad mentioned it.  I don’t know all of the details, but it’s serious and has involved surgeries.  This kid is tough as all get out, full of life and energy and it still floors me to thing that he’s got anything less than perfect kid health.

Recently he and I were talking and I was wearing my Kid’s Cup sweatshirt from a past event and he asked me what the logo was for.  I explained that we raised money for a couple of children’s hospitals in Rochester.  “Rochester?  That’s where my doctor is!” was his smiling response.  I smiled huge and held back the sudden flow of emotion so he didn’t think anything was up, and we moved right on to the next conversation.  I am not sure if Kid’s Cup has helped him or his family out while he’s been at his doc, but I know that if there are kids like him that are so full of energy, life and happiness that need help some extra help and comfort I’m very happy to do what I can to help them out.

Today I’m thankful that Kid’s Cup had another incredibly successful year and will continue to help kids and families.  Thank you so much to all of my friends and family for all the contributions and well wishes this year – they’re greatly appreciated!!!



Day 237 – Thankful for Observing Dominic and His Friends In Their Natural Environment

I was volunteered by Becky to be the chauffeur for Dominic’s soccer game in Madison today.  My responsibility was to transport him and a few of his teammates to the game and then drive them home.  Due to Bro Code Rule 357.9, subsection B, I am unable to share the details of the ride.  What I can share is just how much fun I had driving and listening – it was AWESOME!!!

As one of the dads put it, “the best is about 20 miles in when they forget that there’s an adult in the car.”  I was fighting back laughter often, biting my tongue on several times, and just enjoying listening to the lives of U12 kids.  It was a blast!  Taking time to replay some of the highlights from our 5 hours together still has me smiling and will for days.


Day 236 – Thankful for American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Is there anything better than that story that you’ve read…  and read…  and read… and read…  and know that you will continue to read for many years to come?  American Gods is that book to me.  When the question comes up “if you could only read one book for the rest of your life…” my brain always pauses on American Gods by Neil Gaiman.  Special thanks to James DeSota for turning me on to this one many years ago.


It’s an incredible story that continues to blow my mind each and every time I read it.  Each time there are small nuances that I missed, little clues that were undiscovered, and themes that were overlooked.  As I’ve been reading it again recently (for probably the sixth time or so) there’ve been more aha’s than I’d care to admit!

It doesn’t hurt that much of the book is set in Wisconsin (in a town eerily similar to Menomonie)…

If you’ve read it this pic will make you smile and will remind you that “It’s for the kids!”

The character development is amazing, the content is right up my alley, there’s enough details that I can see it clearly in my mind, and the overall concept is very intriguing.  The story is incredible and it always leads to great thoughts in my brain.


Day 235 – Thankful for Dominic’s Awesomeness

Talk about something that brought some leaks of awesome to my eyes this afternoon…  Earlier today Dominic was recognized for an award at his school.  When Becky told me the name I was pretty pumped for him…  Student of Excellence!

When I asked what the award was specifically for she sent me the following picture:

As I read it my eyes welled up with pride and with happiness for him.  Award or not, he’s an incredible kid and I’m so thankful for his awesomeness!  

Dominic, I’m thankful for your values, your drive, your happiness, your giving, your humbleness, your humor, and all of the other awesome things about you.  Love you bud!!!


Day 234 – Thankful for Knocking #31 Off My Dream List

How cool is it that on the 600th straight day of blogging I’m able to be thankful for knocking off one of my dreams???

Dream #31 is/was:  Get passports for the boys.  

Travel is a huge part of our lives and the passports are keys to new and unexplored experiences for the boys.  We hope and pray that they catch the travel bug like we have (& it’s looking pretty good for both of them so far!).

BTW – it was hysterical watching the boys not smile for the picture!


Day 233 – Thankful for Gavin Taking a Loss Well

The votes have been counted and Gavin will not be the next Treasurer.  😥

Funny thing is that when I picked him up from school we talked about several things that happened over the course of the day.  When I asked him about the election he kept smiling and said that he lost, but he was happy that his friend, Emma, won.  No frustration, no visible disappointment, just acceptance and enjoyment of running for the spot.  I asked him if he had fun campaigning – asking kids for votes and making his posters – he smiled and said that he did.

Funny how there are many times I can learn from my boys sometimes.  Today was an awesome reminder to enjoy the journey, don’t worry about fretting the results after it’s all done.  Find a way to improve and get better, but don’t let the loss beat me down.

Thanks for taking the loss today well Gavin!  I’m glad you had fun running for treasurer and will have a campaign poster or two hanging in my office tomorrow 🙂