Day 233 – Thankful for Gavin Taking a Loss Well

The votes have been counted and Gavin will not be the next Treasurer.  😥

Funny thing is that when I picked him up from school we talked about several things that happened over the course of the day.  When I asked him about the election he kept smiling and said that he lost, but he was happy that his friend, Emma, won.  No frustration, no visible disappointment, just acceptance and enjoyment of running for the spot.  I asked him if he had fun campaigning – asking kids for votes and making his posters – he smiled and said that he did.

Funny how there are many times I can learn from my boys sometimes.  Today was an awesome reminder to enjoy the journey, don’t worry about fretting the results after it’s all done.  Find a way to improve and get better, but don’t let the loss beat me down.

Thanks for taking the loss today well Gavin!  I’m glad you had fun running for treasurer and will have a campaign poster or two hanging in my office tomorrow 🙂


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