Day 232 – Thankful for a Well Rounded Childhood

For something a little different in our meeting today we headed out to a shooting range for a little friendly competition.

The event itself was a lot of fun, everyone did well and there were many smiles afterwards.  As I had a chance to think on it a bit something hit me that I don’t always take time to appreciate…  I had a very well rounded childhood.  

Wait a sec…  how the hell did I draw that conclusion from shooting a pistol?

It was interesting, as I picked up the pistol it all started coming back to me.  Assuming the right stance, breathe in, hold the sights on target, gently squeeze, repeat…  it reminded me of hours of shooting my bow at targets in our yard as a kid, sighting in my rifle for deer hunting, and shooting in Scouts.  To be clear, I’m just as horrible of a shot as I was before, but it all came back as soon as I stepped in the booth.

As these memories came back I started thinking about so many other things I had the chance to do as a kid.  Learning to paddle and trap.  Learning the joy of many different sports.  Experiencing the awesomeness of the outdoors, from hiking to sledding to laying on the road watching a meteor shower.  Helping my parents in building our houses.  Camping regularly in Scouts, having great friends to make memories with.  Even working in the woods (which I didn’t appreciate as a kid).  So many things I had the opportunity to do as a kid that keep coming back as I get older.  While I might not have thought that as a kid, I am very thankful for all of the opportunities I had as a kid.

Who would’ve ever thought that the simple act of shooting a gun would bring back so many positive memories?  Today was one of the magic moments that I would’ve missed had I not taken time to pause, reflect, and be grateful.


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