Day 230 – Thankful for Being Married to a Super Hero

Not gonna lie, it is pretty awesome being married to a super hero.  Becky is, really!

Sporting her “I Run 4 Natalie” running pants

How else would you believe anyone could pull all this off:

  • Team manager for Dominic’s soccer team
  • Treasurer for Cub Scouts
  • Very successful professional career
  • Earning her PhD while working full time
  • Is an Uber driver most nights of the week
  • Works out at least 5 times a week – frequently running for her “buddy” Natalie
  • Does the overwhelming majority of the housework
  • Keeps her family organized and in the right place at all times
  • Is always there when her kids need her
  • Incredible mom that her kids are lucky to have
  • Awesome travel companion
  • Best wife ever

All in all, she’s got to be a super hero to pull all of that off.  Where she continues to find the energy and sanity I have no idea.  I am very thankful for her being in my life and in the lives of my boys.



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