Day 236 – Thankful for American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Is there anything better than that story that you’ve read…  and read…  and read… and read…  and know that you will continue to read for many years to come?  American Gods is that book to me.  When the question comes up “if you could only read one book for the rest of your life…” my brain always pauses on American Gods by Neil Gaiman.  Special thanks to James DeSota for turning me on to this one many years ago.


It’s an incredible story that continues to blow my mind each and every time I read it.  Each time there are small nuances that I missed, little clues that were undiscovered, and themes that were overlooked.  As I’ve been reading it again recently (for probably the sixth time or so) there’ve been more aha’s than I’d care to admit!

It doesn’t hurt that much of the book is set in Wisconsin (in a town eerily similar to Menomonie)…

If you’ve read it this pic will make you smile and will remind you that “It’s for the kids!”

The character development is amazing, the content is right up my alley, there’s enough details that I can see it clearly in my mind, and the overall concept is very intriguing.  The story is incredible and it always leads to great thoughts in my brain.



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