Day 237 – Thankful for Observing Dominic and His Friends In Their Natural Environment

I was volunteered by Becky to be the chauffeur for Dominic’s soccer game in Madison today.  My responsibility was to transport him and a few of his teammates to the game and then drive them home.  Due to Bro Code Rule 357.9, subsection B, I am unable to share the details of the ride.  What I can share is just how much fun I had driving and listening – it was AWESOME!!!

As one of the dads put it, “the best is about 20 miles in when they forget that there’s an adult in the car.”  I was fighting back laughter often, biting my tongue on several times, and just enjoying listening to the lives of U12 kids.  It was a blast!  Taking time to replay some of the highlights from our 5 hours together still has me smiling and will for days.



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