Thankful for Intentional Listening, Leftovers and Weeding, & Listening on a Bench

Day 2,783


We had a client meeting today in which my role was to almost exclusively listen. What a treat! It was one of three most fulfilling and insightful meetings I’ve been in recently as the act of listening was so intentional.

Excellent reminder for myself today, good things come to those who listen without prejudice or intent to speak.


Two normally minor things most went without notice until I started typing this evening. When I got home from work I started pulling some weeds in the yard while I talked with Becky. So chill, so purposeful, and do productive!

Then we fired up one of my all time favorite meals – leftovers! What a treat, a home cooked meal without the work!

Two simple things, so underrated, and so appreciated today!


This morning I went for a hike well before sunrise. The birds sang away while I walked up the bluff. The sunlight started to shine a little while I was on top. There’s a bench with a spectacular view of the city and the Mississippi River Valley and it seemed to call my name as I approached it. I sat on it, turned and laid down on it, and proceeded to spend the next five minutes with my eyes closed as I listened to the birds and just breathed. Amazing!


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