Thankful for Being Okay with Not Knowing, Putting in the Reps , & an epic Sunrise Drive

Day 2,782


It is so easy to judge a situation based on my gut feel based on my personal experiences. It can be difficult to pause and listen to many perspectives to better and more completely understand a situation.

Over the past few days I’ve seen a few instances of a similar situation. The first time I was very judgmental. After creating space to consider other perspectives I became more open minded. Todays interactions gave me so much more to think about that I realized I’ll never really know the right answer so why bother judging?

I do not need to judge, I do not need to be right. I should focus on trying to understand, to learn. So simple to type, so much practice needed to live into it better.


Over the last six months or so we’ve been sharing a presentation we completed on our 2022 Retention and Engagement journey. At this point I’ve been involved in over thirty iterations of the presentation between practice, live events, and webinars. All this practice continues to lead me to deeper insights into why this was so successful and how I can continue to grow and improve as a leader.

Today the biggest aha moment was realizing how powerful the combination of a strong and clear purpose & values framework and trust in allowing teammates to adjust as they see fit within that framework can be. Set the direction, allow the team to grow and play in that sandbox, and everyone wins!

So much like reading a book several times, giving this presentation several times starts to unlock the secrets buried within!


Driving up the Mississippi River on Highway 61 while the red sun slowly rose over the horizon this morning was breathtaking. Between stealing glances at the sunrise while driving, enjoying a delicious coffee, and taking in some wonderful music with the moon roof open it was an epic drive to Winona today!


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