Thankful for a Ted Lasso Quote, Learning, & a Moment of Pause (& Coffee)

Day 2,781


This past week’s episode of Ted Lasso was an inspiring one. This morning as I drove and enjoyed a wonderful cup of coffee in silence (more on that in a bit) one of the interactions really hit me between the eyes and honestly helped me be a better human.

No spoilers here so here’s the important details. The dad of one of the players shares a comment with his son who has just faced some serious difficulty and adversity.

“If you really want to piss off the people who did this, forgive them. Don’t fight back. Fight forward.”

Ola, Sam’s Dad, Ted Lasso

While driving and focused on how frustrated I was with a specific situation I realized I needed to pause and breathe – and pick up coffee. When I did I hopped back in the car, sipped my coffee, and let my brain settle down. When I was in a state of calm and peace the quote above hit me like a bolt of divine lighting. I laughed, my eyes misted up a bit, and I was immediately aware of what was the right action. The rest of the right was driven with a smile, my heart was lighter, and the result was more positive than had I stayed the path of frustration.

For sure, I’m still frustrated, but I am living a better way forward.


On Sunday I spoke about the conversation between our priest and the church secretary that inspired me deeply from a leadership perspective. Interestingly enough, when talking with a friend last night she mentioned the lesson about allowing others to help as one of the most insightful parts of my book. I guess The Big Dude Upstairs knew I needed to hear it a few times to sink in.

Today I was presented a moment in which I could either try to do it on my own or learn from the interactions from the past two days. I allowed someone to help and the result was amazing! In fact, it really set the path for one of the best work and leadership based conversations I’ve had recently. So thankful for the opportunity to grow!


Sometimes I need a moment of pause and focused breathing to get myself back into the right brain space. Today I was able to do so when I needed it and it made all of the difference throughout the day… along with coffee. Coffee also helped me be very present in the moment. The moments spent driving from Arcadia to Independence with a fresh Kwik Trip coffee in hand (with a back up loaded and ready) was pure presence bliss. That was the crack in the clouds I needed to remember to soak in the sun.


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