Thankful for Choosing the Right Headspace, Moments of Shared Appreciation, & Presence During Difficulty

Day 2,780


We are who we choose to be. In any moment, stressful or frustrating or joyful or delightful, we choose how we respond. Here’s to realizing where we naturally go first and accepting it and giving ourselves grace until we’re ready to choose the right response. It is easy to react, it is difficult to pause and do what’s right. It’s wise to wait to react until we’ve chosen the right headspace.


Moments of shared appreciation are truly moving. In the moment I’m which two people express their mutual appreciation for each other there is true joy. One of those moments happened today and it filled my heart.


Moments of presence don’t happen only during delightful experience. Moments of stress and frustration have the potentially positive opportunity to create presence. We shared one of those moments tonight and we were each 100% in the moment, even though it was frustrating. Difficult for sure, but a moment of presence together and knowing we were there for each other.


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