Thankful for Lessons on Delegation, Dominic’s Last Concert, & Hiking at Perrot

Day 2,779


I normally try to fix things myself. Something breaks, I fix it. As one cohort once told me, “you have an addiction to fixing things.” It’s not a good thing all or most of the time. It is an ego issue I continue to work on.

While greeting at church today I had the opportunity to witness something awesome. Our priest was running late, something I’d never seen from him before, and when he was appeared he had a look of stress. The church secretary asked what was wrong and he shared that there was a leak and flooding in the bathroom. Within seconds they shared a plan, she was off. He took a deep breath, put on his game face, and proceeded with mass.

As he led mass she got the problem fixed. Done. Just that easy. He trusted her. They communicated a brief plan. He was present where he needed to be while she did the same. It was incredible to witness.

What a wonderful reminder for me… allow others to help. Ask for help. Trust and be present where I need to be.


Dominic’s last band concert was this evening. For the past eight years or so we’ve regularly watched him play with his band mates at school concerts and now they are done. He’s got a song or two for graduation and then the Memorial Day parade and then his high school band career is over.

I know I’ve been prepping for this and being extra appreciative for all these moments, but I’m still struggling to accept that his high school career is almost over. Each of these lasts are helping me to stay present and appreciate each of them tremendously.


Hiking at Perrot State Park is always a great idea. Today was no exception! In addition to the normal natural beauty we were treated to seeing the hickory buds blooming, pretty awesome!


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