Thankful for Making Time for Meditation, Bridge Time, & Salty Yoga

Day 2,778


Why do I not spend more time quiet, still, and alone? The peace and rejuvenation to be found in quiet contemplation is life altering and spiritual bliss.


Dominic had State Solo & Ensemble with his brass band today and followed it up with prom. We spent more time driving to each event than we did at each. Crazy to think he’s hitting so many different milestone moments, and that it will continue to fly by more and more quickly. So thankful for the opportunity to be present with him in the moments we have.

Meanwhile we got a bit of a sneak peek into the next few years much of today. Gavin, Becky, and I got a lot of time with the three of us. Walking, taking pics of Dominic and his date for prom, shopping, eating supper, and playing games together was how most of the day was spent. Many laughs and smiles. Our new normal will be different and yet positive in its own way.


We tried something different this morning – yoga in a salt room. Very different type of experience, very chill, super relaxing. The guided meditation afterwards was amazing. Funny how presence can be found in doing the usual / normal with a slight change.


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