Thankful for Starting Over, Bonus Becky Time, & Another Photo Finish

Day 2,777


For over 20 years I’ve been doing business to business sales for staffing and recruiting. As I prep to start a new sales rep in the next month I’ve found I need to force myself to become a beginner again. In order to teach I really need to pause, recalibrate, and be sure to know what I must teach. Feels odd, I’ve got experience built up, but I need to remember the basics, the starting ground, and help coach from there.

Start from the beginning, re-hone the basics.


Spending time attending track meets means a lot of drive time, a lot of waiting, and more drive time. Fortunately I’ve got an awesome Track Travel Buddy – Becky! Sure, there’s a lot of waiting but I’m glad I get to spend it with her. An awesome opportunity for bonus Becky time!


So this just happened…

Lane 5: 0:52.76

Lane 4: 0:52.75

Lane 6: 0:52.72 (Dominic)

Talk about being present in a moment! 😅🫣


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