Thankful for Living Into the Me I Should Live Into, Learning from Express Franchisees, & Pockets of Time with Dominic

Day 2,776


Not too long ago I shared the quote from someone along the lines of “you can always say something later, but you can never unsay something you’ve already said.” Between that line and the recent re-reading of Awareness I lived more closely into the person I should be today though I was tempted to act otherwise. Remember to pause, think, relax, ask, listen, think, and then respond if and as necessary.

Honestly, I’m a little frustrated that I still had to choose this behavior rather than live into it as habit and natural response, but I’ll take it as a positive step forward.


I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from so many other Express franchisees. One of the ways our business is unique is in the number of different owners with different stories who’ve all found their ways to similar places through very different paths. In hearing their story I am able to learn from their successes and challenges, see the world through a slightly different perspective, and change my direction and actions in positive ways.

Today we had Matt from Green Bay in our NextGen Leadership retreat and he shared his story. So many interesting takeaways and positive motivation from him. One of the biggest lessons I drew from his story was the importance of goals and staying focused on what’s most important, especially when it can be difficult to do so.


Spending some quality time with Dominic while picking up his prom tux was outstanding! I’m a huge fan of finding those pockets of quality time which could so easily be missed if I didn’t intentionally look for them. He didn’t need me to go with and I almost told him that, but I saw the opportunity for some bonus time and it was totally worth it. Always fun catching up, joking around, and just spending time together.


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