Thankful for Practice, NextGen Dinners, & an Excellent Morning Run

Day 2,775


Practice really makes a huge difference in performance and stress. Mike D and I are presenting our retention training for a few different organizations over the next couple of weeks. In preparation we walked through the slideshow, made a few adjustments, and found a few improvements to add. The number of times we’ve presented this already has greatly reduced the pre-presentation jitters!


Dinner with our NextGen Leadership group this evening was a blast! So much fun getting outside of the office to get to know each other better. The change in environment crafts a different level of conversation and leads to a deeper level of bonding. Glad we had the opportunity to spent bonus time as a group!


The run this morning felt amazing! Fresh air, very little wind, birds chirping, and excellent conversation with Becky. What a perfect way to start the day!


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