Thankful for Appreciating Friendships, My Buddy Brian, & Taking Brian’s Advice

Day 2,784


Full disclosure, I wrote my blog in revers order today. Most days I start at the top and work my way down. Today’s blog started with my decision to get up and run outside even though it was raining (more on that in the Presence section). While running I started thinking back to some great memories created by the same friend who inspired me to get outside for the run in the rain (which became the Appreciation section). Now, after I’ve typed up the first two sections – (first two or last two sections? Wow, I’ve even confused myself! 😉 – I’ve started to see where the growth from today comes in.

We don’t know how long we’ll have to live, we should use that to inspire ourselves to live to the fullest in each day we are blessed to be alive and to be grateful for each moment we have. Such is the same with friends, we never know how long our paths with walk side by side.

Over time we may walk side by side and over time we will likely split up as our paths wander in ever increasingly different directions. That doesn’t change the fact that we walked together, inspired each other, and created memories together. The paths may split but the connection remains, the memories last, and the impact continues.

Enjoy each moment with friends as each day of life, not knowing or caring how long those moments will last, rather appreciate those times, be present in those moments, growth through the shared experiences, create as many memories as possible, and live each day of friendship as if it may be the last before our paths diverge.


On my run this morning I spent a good chunk of time thinking about so many wonderful memories made with my friend Brian McGovern way back in the college days. He was one of the first people I got to know well when I transferred to the University of Minnesota my sophomore year. I’m pretty sure it has been almost an entire lifetime since we’ve hung out in person, but at least we get the occasional online hang out. Throughout our time together at the U of M he was always supporting me, laughing with me, hanging out, and encouraging me. He always was smiling and saw the best and most positive in everyone. Even after all these years he has a positive influence on me as you’ll read below.

While we may not have seen each other for 20+ years Brian still had a large and positive impact on shaping me through some pretty wild and formative years of my life. Through example he taught me patience, compassion, looking for the bright side, open mindedness, and how friends should really support each other. All these years later I’m grateful for days like this when so many of those memories come flooding back.

Here’s to Brian and all those people in our lives who have made a huge mark in our lives!


Today I’m grateful for a response to a Facebook post from my buddy Brian. About a week ago he mentioned how much he enjoys running in the rain. I normally opt for the treadmill or bike trainer on those days, but today I took his advice and hit the road. It felt amazing! What a wonderful way to kick off the day – enjoying the drops while getting some fresh early morning air.


Bonus section after writing the other sections in reverse! Brian – why am I starting to suspect there’s a road trip in our future? 😉


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