Thankful for Battling with Ego Again, Working with the Boys, & the Rising River

Day 2,396


In a couple of situations today I caught myself about to prove why I was correct about something. There were multiple right answers and my ego wanted to point out how I was right also. The funny thing was this…. it did not matter! Why waste the emotional energy and words when it makes zero difference other than to placate my ego? What was truly horrifying was realizing how often I must do this without noticing.

Will the battle ever really be won over ego? It seems I keep finding it with a flashlight hiding in dark corners only to have it scurry off and hide elsewhere when I’m not looking. I’ll continue the search until it is finally driven away for good.


Over the past couple of nights Dominic has been a huge help in helping to put in our new dining room flooring (Gavin’s been tied up with homework and church). Honestly, it has been incredibly rewarding working on this with him. He’s been a huge help which is great, but having time doing what it used to love doing with Dad fills my heart in so many ways.


Seeing the river continue to rise had been crazy! Each time I’ve caught a glimpse of it while driving my thought process stops dvd I’m focused almost 100% on the river (the remainder stays on driving 😉). Water always wins, the power of the river is truly amazing.


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