Thankful for Learning from Fiction, a Full Day, & Dentist Visits

Day 2,397


Fiction is an oddly useful tool for growth. As I continue reading The Wise Man’s Fear I’m picking up more and more pieces of philosophy that weave themselves into much of my recent thought processes. Listen more, talk less. Patience and stillness. The upsides and downsides of curiosity and passion. So many lessons to be learned through the vacuum of fiction!


This empty space has been staring me down for several long minutes now. My brain has too many directions tonight – I believe that’s a good thing.

I’ve completed a project, had a handful of meaningful conversations, worked with my hands, run with Becky, had a great dinner with my sons, spent time in deep thought, taken in the power of nature, contemplated the impermanence of all things, wrapped up things before time away, have suffered a productive dose of anxiety over the next project, put new ideas together, saw growth through the review of notes from over six years ago, and now have forth time focused on gratitude.

What a beautifully full day it has been!


Nothing quite like going to the dentist to slam me into the present! The sensations of metal tools scraping my teeth are quite unnatural but still focus me on the here and now. My hygienist is great and super gentle, yet the feeling in my mouth is so unlike anything I’m used to that I am immediately rooted in those moments – for better or worse!


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