Thankful for Questioning and Listening, Looking Across the Gap, & Presence in the Pit

Day 2,398


It is easy to train by talking, it is more effective to train by asking questions and helping others work through their answers. So much of my life I’ve spent showing how I was right or how I was smart. As I stand back it is easier to see that the greatest impacts actually occurred when I helped others be right and smart. Easy to talk, more difficult to lead and teach through questions, but so much more productive. Talk less, questions more, listen more.


Today I’m thankful for looking across the gap. Throughout much of the past week or two I’ve had opportunities to look across the gap that lies between who I am and who I am called to be. There is much space between the two edges, so much that I fear I won’t make it all the way across before I leave this life. That said, I’m oddly soothed by the gap and am more optimistic and hopeful thanks to the gap. I am seeing so much to improve and I am seeing ways to make small shifts in patterns and behaviors to get there. I see that the only thing getting in the way of closing the gap is myself, my fear of change, my unwillingness to change and sacrifice, my ego, and my own thick headedness. This is truly a wonderful thing to realize as I see that I have the ability to move myself in the right direction, it is not something I am powerless against and must succumb to. I must focus on what I can control and the gap is something I have the ability to have mastery of.

It could be demotivating if I choose to look at the gap the wrong way, it is so far to go, BUT if I choose to see it as something I have the ability to overcome it quickly shifts to a very positive and optimistic thing. Today I am thankful for looking across the gap. It reminds me that I have the power to choose to work on closing it, it is not something imposed upon me. It is one of the few things in life I actually have 100% control over.


Today was my first time helping at a track meet. Becky and I helped in the pit for the long jump and I was tasked with jotting down the scores, watching for scratches, and adjusting the jump line to either the first or second board. While their was a wonderful simplicity to the task it was all very new to me and forced me to be hyper vigilant, especially during the jump. As the jumper would sprint towards the pit I had to watch where their foot was prior to launching themselves as far as they could. In that split second I had to determine if their foot crossed the line. Most of the time it was an easy call but there were also which were insanely close. There was no room for not paying attention, I had to stay perfectly focused on that goal… and it felt amazing in an oddly presence based way!


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