Thankful for My Daily Gratitude Practice, Dominic’s Help, & Frustrstion

Day 2,395


Today I’m thankful for this practice. I’m feeling a bit frustrated with a project, a bit down about another, and like I didn’t live into my best self. Nothing terrible or anything, but not a five star day.

Closing up my day in thought about what I’m thankful for really helps point me in the right direction. Sure it wasn’t the best, but it is one I can grow from and get better because of.

Remember to pause, be grateful, and consider ways the tough stuff can become the fuel needed to grow better.


Working on flooring with Dominic tonight was awesome. I was frustrated and he helped me get into the right headspace. It was super helpful having an extra set of hands who was willing to help. Greatly appreciated!!!


Ahh…. Presence…. Tonight I was reminded of the double edged sword it can be. When I’m frustrated it is so easy to be present and get very upset. In one of those little mini fits tonight I almost lost my mind over two pieces of flooring that weren’t locking together like they were supposed to. While my blood pressure rose I realized I was 100% present and almost started laughing out loud.

I thought presence was always supposed to be a good thing and I started to question myself. Then I realized I could leave from this so even though it sucked it was still a good lesson.


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