Thankful for Short Projects, Rereading Books, & Tetris

Day 2,394


Small projects are such a beautiful microcosm of life. In one simple project there are many lessons to be learned about leadership, communication, & the importance of clarity. With a preset constraint of a limited amount of time we get to see things unfold which normally happen over too long of a timeframe to notice.

Taking time to conduct a postmortem really helps us learn from the experience and grow as a result. What a gift!


Even I get hooked on a great book I have a tendency to reread it several times. In each reading I catch subtle details I’ve missed. What really caught my attention today was a crossover between one of my favorite fictions and Awareness. In my earlier readings of The Wise Man’s Fear I’d done so without the benefit of having read Awareness first. The way the two books align was so startling I couldn’t help but wonder if the author had read the other.

No one steps in the sand river twice. Each time we reread or re-experience something it is done with a different viewpoint as before. We have changed since the first time. I’m thankful for rereading books to enjoy germ from a new perspective.


With the roads coated in slushy, wet, and heavy snow I hopped on my bike trainer instead this morning and watched more of the Tetris movie. So enthralling to get a peak behind the scenes of late ‘80s Russia! Before I knew it my 45 minute ride was done – I’d gotten so into the movie that I didn’t realize how long I’d been riding… similar to the way I felt when playing Tetris back in the early 90’s!


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