Thankful for Trust the Ripples, Painting the Office, & a Late May Track Meet in Mid April

Day 2,391


When we live into our purpose we have the opportunity to make positive ripples in the lives of others. Trust that you are making a difference even when – especially when – you don’t hear feedback. When you do get those little bits of feedback bottle them up as the fuel you need to encourage you to do more to live into your purpose.


In Winona we spent much of the day in our office painting and moving workstations around. The change from our usual business opened a door to different conversations and interactions than were used to. Such a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other better while laughing a little louder.


Watching the boys’ track meet tonight was a blast! The weather felt like late May and they boys seemed to be in late season form. So much excitement, so much fun!


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