Thankful for Choosing a Positive Attitude, Many Animal Sights, & Walking with LuLu

Day 2,392


Today I spent much of the day putting in our new flooring in the basement. It was very tedious and time consuming, but oddly soothing and relaxing. No stress, only slow and consistent activity as I worked through a bevy of challenges to figure out. Rather than get frustrated I reminded myself that this was something I enjoy doing, challenges and all, and it helped me keep a positive attitude. Funny how easy it is to smile and have a heart full of joy – even during difficulty – when we choose to.


LuLu and I headed out to her favorite trail late in the afternoon when I needed to take a break from construction. While we were out there was no one else around, just us and the woods. We took our time walking, me observing nature, LuLu smelling it. At one point we were buzzed by a bald eagle who seemed to be checking us out.

Shortly after there was a little disturbance in the water and I stood still to see what was happening. Sure enough, a beaver slowly swam into view. I’d heard a sound earlier in our walk that was a big loud splash, I’m wondering if he splashed his tail at us on the walk out. He took his time and then paused and was focused intently on LuLu – who had no idea the beaver even existed as she kept moving from interesting smell to interesting smell. The beaver swam off eventually.

After the beaver we saw a single pelican trolling for fish in a small bay created by the flooding. From there my focus went to a woodpecker who was industriously pecking away at a dead tree less than 10 yards away from me at my eye level. It put on quite the display for us!

On the walk back I noticed a large lump on log which was almost submersed in the water. Sure enough, it was our beaver again! I again took some time to just chill and watch before he opted to swim away.

The walk wrapped up with a bright blue stand of spring flowers, what a treat!


Standing in the woods alone with LuLu watching nature was incredible. Nothing in the world mattered in those moments, only the appreciation of all the wondrous gifts The Big Dude Upstairs has created. What an hour it was!


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