Thankful for Stepping in or Aside, Dinner as a Family, & the Smell of Summer

Day 2,390


As a leader, a dad, a friend – it can be difficult at times to know when to step in and take action and when to allow space to help others learn. Today I had the opportunity to be on both sides of the solution, one involved stepping in and the other involved stepping aside. Both are difficult, one isn’t necessarily easier than the other. I’m grateful for all the times people have been there for me stepping in or aside when that’s what I’ve needed. I’m just as grateful for all the times people did the opposite of what was needed as those were just critical in helping me learn.

Another reason to pause and think before I react – to consider if I should step in or step aside.


I’m pretty sure I’ve written about something like this in past blogs, but it 100% is worth writing about again tonight. With as busy as life is for all of us in the Spring the weeknights when we’re able to eat supper as a family are truly a treat. Having all four of us around the kitchen table sharing a meal while talking about our day is amongst some of my favorite time in the world.

Not long ago it seemed we’d have kids in the house forever. Now it’s almost impossible to realize we only have another four months or so before Dominic leaves for school. Each meal together has been a gift, each becomes more and more precious.


When talking about presence I’m often grateful for something I saw. Today it was a smell that totally grounded me in the present. I was driving home from the store and the smell of hot pavement totally caught my attention! Out of the blue I realized that the unusually hot weather made it smell like summer – how awesome???


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