Thankful for Zoom In and Zoom Out, Reading Differently, & Training Flow States

Day 2,389


When I look for something too intently I often miss what I should really be seeing. If I put too much focus on something specific it becomes easy to miss all the other things in the periphery.

Conversely, if I don’t focus I may see the big picture but may miss the little detail which makes all the difference. In going to wide I may miss the trees to the forests.

Balance, balance, balance. Maintain the awareness of knowing when to zoom in and when to zoom out. Notice when one is being overused and switch gear to the other. Balance. Both are right when used in tandem.


As an example of the above, my most recent read has been a great example of the beauty to be found in knowing when yo zoom in and when to zoom out.

In the first few times I’ve read The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss I was laser focused on figuring out the plot and trying to anticipate where it was going. This time I’ve chosen almost the opposite, I’m sitting back and enjoying the story as it unfolds.

As I lay in bed each night my brain wanders back to the story, to the detail of the character interactions. In those moments I dissect their actions to see what lessons I can extract. One of the beautiful things about fiction is the psychology in a vacuum. I bore down into the details as I’d see how I can grow.

I zoom out to absorb and I see so much more than ever before, and then I zoom in and learn from the details. Balance.


This afternoon I had the privilege of presenting to the one of the latest Express Leadership Academy classes on the topic of career pathing and teammate development. Having an opportunity to give back to the organization who’s had a profound positive influence on my life is something I’m very grateful for. I’m wanting to do right by all the participants I gave it my all and was rewarded with an awesome flow state of 100% presence. Those 90-ish minutes flew by in a flash yet I savored each.


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