Thankful for Advice to My Future Self, Inspired by Others Rising, & Perfect Track Weather

Day 2,388


Prepare for the worst, expect the best, and make the most of what happens. Funny how easy it can be to worry about a possible issue, to be aloof and ignorant of possible danger, and then live in the world of “what if’s.” Maintain a stoic mindset, stay calm, remember and trust your ability to adapt and your resilience. Don’t jump to conclusions, stay rooted in the present, and roll with whatever comes your way.


Seeing someone really rise to the occasion to take on a challenge is an inspiring thing. Several teammates have done that recently and seeing their increased efforts lead to increased success is wildly motivating! The drive and grit they show help fan the flames in my own soul. When we step up it is important to remember the positive impact we can have on others as well as on ourselves.


What beautiful weather we had for the track meet today! The sun was out, the wind cooled the heat, and it really felt like summer. During my walk to the pole vaulting pit to watch Gavin I paused my thoughts and soaked in the perfect track weather.


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